We deliver powerful names that produce unforgettable brands and winning identities.

NameKast is part of the ServePoint family, offering new business start-ups, agencies and entrepreneurs with ready made names, unforgettable brands, business starter packs, sales growth tools and winning online strategies.

Our journey began in 1999 with a passion for helping people start and grow their own business. Our team is much bigger now and everything we do is based on a strategic and engaging process that will help you create, renew or strengthen your brand or new business start-up.

Every week, our copyright and design teams spend hours upon hours creating business concepts, marketing tools, brand and domains names, searching for the best concepts which can be applied to both established businesses and new business start-ups.

Our unique naming process guarantees that we will enable you to achieve your business goals, differentiate you from your competitors and create connections with your target audiences.

We also understand that getting a new business or next big idea off the ground can be difficult, time consuming and costly.

Our Business Starter Packs makes the process of starting a new business easy and affordable by offering everything it needs to get started –fast and simple. We take care of all the red tape and give your business the tools it requires to get started and deliver real sales growth.

Our people are creative thinkers, over-achievers, meticulous advisors and outstanding designers. Clever, nice and unrelenting, our résumé depicts a rich history of collaboration, practical solutions and tangible results. It is this level of expertise which we will bring to your business.

Two heads are better than one. So if you want to find that catchy business name, significantly increase market share, break down barriers, or simply generate skyrocketing revenues, contact our team of professionals for some friendly advice.

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