Company Culture – Innovation, Creativity and Agility

A brand  is more than just a name.

Having recently attended a seminar at UTS on Innovation and Creativity with key note speakers Rachel Setti – Organisational Phychologist, Jonothan Deane – Innovation Officer at AMP and Tim Rayner – Digital Philosopher, we took away some key notes.

In today’s competitive marketplace, your organisation (Brand) should aim to create an environment that nurtures unorthodox thinking and its applications in everything it does.

Instead of limiting yourself to traditional metrics such as quality, on-time delivery and revenue generation, you should also measure yourself based on metrics such as value creation (for customers as well as for shareholders) and competitive differentiation.

Foster innovative thinking within your team by encouraging discovery and finding ways to reward time spent on the research required to generate new products, service standards, efficiencies and ideas. Understand that innovation is not the province of top leadership but can come from anyone within the organisation

As part of your ongoing commitment to achieving excellence in service, people standards and innovation, you should also focus on building a training framework that achieves the following:

o   Allow your staff the flexibility to bring new ideas to solve client issues

o   Celebrate courage and have fun doing so

o   Actively seek feedback to help improve your service delivery

o   Celebrate the audacity to make mistakes, then share those learnings

o   Experiment in order to better understand the processes

o   Teaching staff to better understand your clients’ needs and problems

o   Set new challenges from each new learning

Essentially, your business and its brand, at any scale, is a result of understanding your clients and keeping the promises you make. The result will be a strong, resilient and successful brand.

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