What Happens Next Will Amaze You: A Brand Case Study

The stage was set. Meet Angelica, Keisha and Eduardo (fictional characters). Yvonne and Keisha were expert lingerie and underwear designers wanting to start their own business. Eduardo, there “friendly” next door neighbour, part time model.

Working between jobs for major fashion houses, they both spent hours upon hours creating amazing design collections which they now wanted to take to the world. Problem was, they had no idea what to call their exciting new label. They knew their designs were sassy, colourful, playful, hugging, sexy and most importantly, comfortable. Although they were brilliant designers, names and brands were not their forte.

Typically, Eduardo could not offer any ideas, but, in a stroke of unexpected brilliance, he did suggest to Google businesses which specialised in readymade names and brand concepts. Enter stage left:

They immediately searched the Fashion category listing and trawled through the names available. Slowly getting agitated, nothing really suited. That is until they reached the last page (always the case) and could not believe their eyes, simultaneously jumping for joy, they found their new name: “Underhugs” – a new brand is born.

Your brand or business name is critical if you’re trying to get a new business, product or service off the ground. Memorable brands start with a distinctive name. Great business names give you strong branding potential, high recall and the ability to attract more traffic to your website.

Let’s not forget about Eduardo. He now has a new job as brand ambassador for “Underhugs. Well done Eduardo.

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