You Know It Used To Be Mad Love

Your Brand Promises – Do you deliver, or are they just lies

Woman with long nose isolated on grey wall background. Liar concept. Human face expressions, emotions, feelings.

As with love, businesses make commitments and promises to its clients. The promises that you make must be deliverable both today and tomorrow. Getting clients is hard enough, keeping them is even harder, it’s a long journey and the love grows stronger with time.

As a business owner or executive, you should objectively assess your company’s brand promises and ask yourself:

  • Which promises are easy to keep?
  • Which promises will differentiate your brand from its competitors?
  • Which promises embrace client focus?
  • Which promises are difficult to keep?
  • Which promises distinguish the brand?

You may well ask what makes a brand promise work? Firstly, it must be of value to your target customers; it must be the focus of your organisational culture; it must be different from your competitors’ promise; it must be deliverable; and most importantly it must be simple.

Avoid bad blood with your clients and keep the mad love alive – stay true and deliver on your brand promises

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